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Nora Ganescu is an author, consultant and coach, specialising in organisational development. Her passion is people and she has dedicated her career helping companies and organisations creating better results with genuine participation and collaboration. She is always learning and exploring the “cutting edge” in this field. She is a student and a practitioner of the next organisational paradigms that have self-organisation and wholeness at their center.

For the past 20 years, Nora has worked with dozens of organisations (companies, civil society, government) helping them create more engaging conditions, better collaboration and better results.

Nora is the author of “THE CEO’S PLAYBOOK: turning the employees you have into the dream team you always wanted”, a roadmap on the journey to the companies and the (better and saner) work worlds of the future.

Nora is co-founder of Campfire Co-op, a self-organising network of consultants and innovators in the field of organisational development. Nora also is an Art of Hosting practitioner.

Erwin Van Waeleghem

As a global seed-planter, Erwin Van Waeleghem aims to inspire as many people and organizations as possible, to consider reinventing their working collaborations in a more human-centric way.

Erwin recently concluded a career as police commissioner/criminologist within the local police force of Leuven (Belgium), where he has successfully brought self-organising or ‘Teal’ principles and practices to his team.

Erwin works now as an international speaker, inspirational steward, external advisor and workshop facilitator. An authentic and passionate speaker, he shares his own story with a focus on self awareness, social innovation and cultural transformation.

Erwin strongly believes in the leadership capacities of everyone. He has already inspired many leaders - sharing diverse regional success stories of self-management, and his own of bringing  teal-principles to the police force in Leuven. He also advises on creating an organizational culture based on Semco Style/Teal principles.

Erwin is co-president and international inspirational steward of the Teal for Teal International Foundation, and is also involved in the international growth of the Semco Style Institute and Sociocracy 3.0.