Where is your organisation on a developmental scale? What is the next realistic stage, the low hanging fruit? What milestones can you define to measure your progress?

Assessing where you are in your company culture is a multidimensional exercise.

We use the Reinventing Organisation Map ( to give you a comprehensive picture of where you are, where the greatest development areas and what are the practices where your organisation shows leadership in the field.

We base our assessment on a series of in-depth interviews with a variety of people in your company.



If you are holding your organisation as it transitions into a new paradigm: who is holding you?

Imagine having a genie in a lamp at your side, someone that can give you insights, facilitate breakthroughs and have your back in this challenging process. 

Teal mentoring will help you grow into the teal leader who can do all this: sensing, thinking, acting, beyond the small self, with increasing frequency.

It is a mix of in-person and remote (Skype, Zoom) mentoring conversations.


This is a coaching process to support the Core Group to initiate and hold the move of the organisation to the next level.

Their job is to collectively sense what is happing and collectively invite and host their colleagues (while also holding down a day job)... sometimes to juggle two organisational realities: the old one and the one wanting to be born.

The Core Group is also a place to model the organisational processes and culture that they want to see more of... and for that they need support: to hold the uncertainty, to learn new ways, to deal with the shadows of the old system.

The Core Group coaching provides individual and group coaching services in 6 month packages. It is a mix of in-person and remote (Skype or zoom) meetings.


Bring the quality of participation and self-organisation in the everyday processes at work. We are standing by to help you reflect on them and design work processes and meetings in the most participatory way.
Anybody from the core group (or sandbox group) can call us and get the support they need for their particular question.

This is not only a way to improve quality of the work, but it is also a capacity building measure, because people will start gaining more and more experience and expertise in working iwth participatory and teal methods. 

For this (remote) service we would work with you under a framework contract in 3 months packages, to give you unlimited support.


Teal companies will rely on innovative processes for their functioning, when it comes to decision making, defining roles, hiring, conflict management and more.

When a group, or the whole company is ready, we will introduce and train you to use particular processes. Examples are: integrative decision making, advice process, deep democracy, appreciative inquiry, etc.

When we are not experts on a particular process, we will bring you the best from the field from our extensive network of colleagues and collaborators.

This is a service that is available when you decide it is the right time (for a team, a department or the whole company). The trainings can take from half day to two days (depending on the subject) and there is follow up coaching support available.


Bring participation and co-creation to as many of your company meetings and events as possible.

We will co-design, host and facilitate company events with the methodology of Art of Hosting ( We will give you input on inviting, designing the program and setting up the space so that you have maximum collaboration, knowledge sharing and results.

This service is available upon request and need.


One day workshops that will inspire and give a first experience of "teal" to people in the organisation. 


  • Get inspired and aware of possibilities
  • Getting acquainted with the insights and principles of teal

  • Get to know the roadmap

  • Get to know a few tools (just to get a first experience)

  • Know about the why, how and what to reach the starting point of the journey towards your company'slong term purpose

  • Start collaborating on the safe environment framework

Once every quarter such a workshop could be offered for the new people who are interested in learning more, but as the company evolves, this "on-boarding" workshop will also evolve.